Introduction to the Exhibit

Reports and Studies About Mid Century Architecture in Hawaii

Five very different Publications that cover Mid Century Architecture in Hawaii:

Tropical Modernism at University of Hawaii at Manoa:  This 2019 35 page publication covers 16 buildings that were added after WWII, and provides details on the arcitects and designers, and information on who each building was named after.

Hawaii Modernism Context Study:  This Study finished in 2011 is a comprehensive look at Modernism in Hawaii with an emphasis on 1947-1967.

1950s Buildings in Waikiki and Honolulu:  Compleled in 2004, this is over 100 pages of detailed information on prominent new buildings and architects in the 1950s.

A Guide to Architecture:  Published in 1957 by the Hawaii Chapter of the A.I.A., it is 68 pages on new buildings in Hawaii.

A Decade of Design:  This is a 44 page publication by the A.I.A. that identifies significant new buildings and their architects that were completed each year in the 1960s.